11th Jul 2017 Dana

Glock 26 IWB Holster and Other 24 hr Quick Ship Holsters

Do you need a Quality Kydex Holster, but don't want to wait the 3+ weeks to get one? We get it. That's why we've upped our Quick Ship game by offering our 24 hour Quick Ship Holsters for the most in demand pistol models for Concealed Carry. Check out the quick video below:

All of our 24 hr In Stock Quick Ship Holsters are for the right handed shooter, and are intended to be worn on the hip or behind (3-5 o'clock). They're all black, with a 1.5" belt clip. They come standard with a mid ride height and slight 7.5° forward cant angle- the most commonly chosen specs for IWB strongside carry.

24 Hr IWB Holsters are available for these firearms:

If you order before 12 pm EST your order will ship same day. Order after noon and your holster will ship first thing in the morning!

11th Jul 2017 Dana

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