Leg Strap Adapter

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You've asked for it, we made it. The Leg Strap Adapter for our ALQD system.

This adapter fits between the Straight Drop Attachment and ALQD Receiver to drop your holster and allow for use of our leg strap.

Made from ultra light weight ballistic material, this adapter works with both our 1" nylon leg strap and our 1.5" elastic leg strap.

    3 Reviews

  • Posted by Zydrunas Rascius on 20th May 2023



    a very necessary detail for smooth use of the holster

  • Posted by Chris on 22nd Sep 2022


    Strap adapter

    Works great with everything else I purchased

  • Posted by Chris on 5th Mar 2022


    Dara does it again

    I am a big fan of Dara. I've had several additions of their drop offset holsters for my G17 and G20. When I upgraded to the ALQD I was a little bummed at the placement of the holster as it was too high and adding it to the drop offset made it stick out way too much. This 110% fixes that and puts it back to the original location of my first Dara drop offset holster. I love this company, but they keep innovating to make things better and that's why they standout even more for me! I just added these to, two of my holsters, and am all smiles! Thanks Dara! I highly recommend you to everyone!

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