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Minimalist AIWB Holster - Appendix Inside the Waistband Holster

Minimalist AIWB Holster

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The MTO Minimalist - AIWB Appendix Holster

Designed for Inside the Waistband Concealed Carry at the Appendix Position


The MTO Minimalist is a no-nonsense AIWB Holster with a minimal amount of material. The same high quality Kydex Gun Holsters you're used to- taken to the most basic level. Able to accommodate most aftermarket parts, including optics & extended controls, the MTO Minimalist appendix holster is the perfect modern Concealed Carry Holster.

The Holster comes with the following features:

-Slide cut to accommodate any optic

-Exposed Mag Release to accommodate any aftermarket extended models

-Fits all extended controls

-Slim, Low Profile Tuckable Clip in sizes: 1.5" & 1.75"

-Adjustable Cant Angle

-Mid Height Sweatshield

-Adjustable Retention

-Grip Concealment Claw

What sets apart the Dara Minimalist AIWB Holster from others on the market is our intuitive design. Our adjustable Retention System and claw/clip hardware are separate, allowing full adjustability of your retention. If retention setting is loosened, your clip and hardware will stay tight and secured in a separate setting.

For a full list of firearms made with our Minimalist AIWB Holster, click here.

Please note: This appendix holster comes standard with a grip concealment claw. This claw pushes against the belt to tilt the grip of the gun into your waistband when carrying in the appendix position. The claw can still be utilized in other carry positions, but may becomes cumbersome to get on or off the belt and/or become uncomfortable in any position other than in front of the hips. To carry in other positions, we recommend removing the grip concealment claw altogether, or removing the adjustable pieces.

Each concealment claw comes with a strut (mounted on the holster), a medium adjustment piece (usually installed on the claw) and a larger adjustment piece (included in shipment in small bag). These pieces can be swapped or removed entirely. You may use just the strut if you find the adjustable pieces too aggressive.



Warranty Information

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    58 Reviews

  • Posted by Corey C on 14th Apr 2023


    Minimalist AIWB CZ P10C

    I can’t say this enough. The best. DARA makes one of THE BEST holsters on the market. Aside from the product, their customer service is above and beyond any other company. I come to DARA for every holster, every time. Period.

  • Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2023


    minimalist aiwb

    wayyy better than my last holster. the wing holds the grip in tight to my body and with the kore belt this dissappears under t shirts, button ups, and hoodies

  • Posted by YK on 18th Feb 2023


    AIWB Minimalist Holster/CZ P10F

    This was for my CZ P10F. Excellent fit and quality. Optic/Compensator and suppressor height sight ready. I wasn’t surprised by how nice the holster was and how fast it got to me as this is my second holster from Dara. The first one I bought was for a SIG P365 and it is excellent as well. I’ll be ordering a light bearing holster soon. Dara is a great company with prompt customer service as well.

  • Posted by Jacob on 2nd Nov 2022


    Minimalist Holster

    Awesome product. Decided to replace my old Dara IWB holster with the new minimalist holster. Feels great and easy to use

  • Posted by Corey on 29th Sep 2022


    MTO Minimalist M&P 5”

    From asking questions about fitting, to receiving my holster much faster than expected. Received my holster for my M&P w/ compensator and it is the absolute perfect fit. Far & above my expectations. I love this holster, and the customer service is top notch.

  • Posted by jvalle on 27th Sep 2022


    Great Holster

    This is probably the best holster I’ve owned. Your edc feels secure in the holster and it is easy to unholster and reholster. I don’t think I’ll buy any other brand after trying out this one.

  • Posted by Tim on 24th Jun 2022


    Fantastic Holster

    Helps to easily hide a a full size semi-auto even under a T-shirt, PFS9/PF940v2. Very comfortable and secure.

  • Posted by Gregg on 23rd Jun 2022



    This is firm enough and maintains its shape making the draw very smooth and fast. The belt clip holds the holster perfectly in its place.

  • Posted by SJ COOK on 11th Jun 2022



    The MTO Minimalist AIWB holster is the most comfortable holster I've worn. Well made holster with retention adjustment for my firearm, and the adjustable claw allowed me to position my firearm to ensure its was straight. Nice job on this design and well made holster. First time customer and I'll definitely be back again for future holster needs.

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