• TLR-6 Holsters // TLR-6 Compatibility

    27th Nov 2017

    TLR-6 Holsters // TLR-6 Compatibility

    Above is the TLR-6 Compatibility List from Streamlight Inc.Below is our TLR-6 Firearms List:Glock 19/23/32Glock 26/27/33Glock 42/43Kimber Micro .380Kahr PM9Shield 9/.40Shield 2.0M&P Compact 3.5" (…

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  • TLR-6 Holsters

    9th Jan 2017

    TLR-6 Holsters

    You know what's great about having awesome, loyal customers? It gives us the confidence and ability to go out and purchase the latest greatest concealed carry gadgets so that we can make holsters for…

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