Standard Mounted Holsters

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Browse our most popular Mounted Holster Systems!

Each Mounted Holster features a Custom Kydex Dara Holster and RAM Mounting System. Each product is 100% American made and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Our most popular Mounted Holster system is the Standard RAM Mounted Holster. This Mounting system permanently attaches to any flat surface using the RAM Mounts Flat Surface Mount. Another great option for Seat Rails, ATVs and other rail mounting applications is the Tough-Claw Mounted Holster. This rubber-lined Claw attaches to any rail with an outer diameter measuring .625" - 1.5" with a 5" arm extension. Our Tough-Wedge Holster is perfect for rental vehicles and work trucks. The Tough-Wedge slips between the seat and center console, with an expandable air bladder to prevent movement. Each mount is a ball-and-socket type of mount, offering full adjustability in areas with limited space.

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