IWB Attachments

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Dara Holsters is proud to introduce our innovative IWB holster attachments, designed to elevate your concealed carry experience. At the heart of our attachments is the patented curved clip, developed in-house to provide unparalleled comfort and security. Unlike traditional clips, the curved clip mimics the waistline, ensuring 100% contact with the belt for a secure latch.

Our attachments are designed to fit most belts ranging from 1.5" to 2", catering to everyday carry needs as well as undercover duty use. We prioritize reliability and durability, extensively testing and researching materials to ensure the highest breaking point in the industry, guaranteed.

Experience the difference with Dara Holsters' IWB holster attachments – enjoy enhanced comfort, security, and peace of mind for your concealed carry needs. Upgrade your carry setup today and shop our selection of attachments. Don't settle for anything less than the best – carry with confidence with Dara Holsters.

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