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    13 Reviews

  • Posted by Patrick on 10th Jul 2018


    Curved Clip versus Old Clip

    Much more difficult to get fastened on my 1.5" belt than the old clip. Obviously, this means the retention is quite sturdy.

  • Posted by Darren on 20th May 2018


    You need this clip

    DARA continues to impress by evolving their holsters. The original clip that came with my AIWB holster makes for very stable carry, but because it was flat and wide, right on the outermost curve of the holster, the bottom corners would print. I was considering rounding off the corners with a sander, then I saw this new curved clip. I ordered one immediately and I’m glad I did. It lowers the profile of the holster and really helps it to disappear under a light shirt without compromising stability. Easy to swap out and a very worthwhile upgrade.

  • Posted by Chris on 8th May 2018


    Curved Belt Clip

    The curved clip retains the holster so much better than the original clip. The edges at the corners of the old clip would sometimes allow the clip to slide up off the belt. These new clips do not let that happen. Best clips for the best holsters.

  • Posted by Lucas LeCompte on 3rd May 2018


    New Clip is Great!

    I got this new clip to replace the one that came on the PPS M1 IWB holster. This clip is really awesome. It feels a lot thinner and makes the holster even slimmer. The old clip was good but it felt bulky at times. This one does not have that issue at all.

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