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Quick Shipping FN 509 Tactical Duty Holster - Level 2 Retention

Please contact us for the Law Enforcement/Military Discount.

Dara's Level II Duty Holster is not just any OWB Holster with a hood slapped on it. It was designed from the ground up for the rigors duty and guaranteed for life. Starting with a robust body formed using .125" purpose blended Polymers, then fastened with blackened stainless steel hardware. This rig utilizes our tried and true Military Grade adjustable Rubber Retention System that allows you to tune the resistance to your preferred draw stroke. Our auto throw hood is locked in place until the intuitively located thumb lever is depressed. The hood then rotates with enough force to move loose garment, making your firearm ready when you need it. Don't settle for less- if you demand quality and endless reliability, you've found it.


-Our FN509 Tactical Duty Holsters are hand crafted in the USA from .125" Boltaron and molded precisely to each firearm for a perfect fit. 

-The FN 509 Duty Holsters now come standard equipped to accommodate slide mounted optics and suppressor height sights.

-Our Level 2 Retention rotating hood is newly redesigned. The auto throw hood is locked in place until the intuitively located thumb lever is depressed. The hood then rotates with enough force to move loose garment.

-Also features an adjustable Retention System. Our rubber retention system was designed by us for use specifically with our holsters. Able to hold the most minute adjustments, this advanced system eliminates the need for loctite or any other thread locking substance.

-The Level 2 Duty Holsters comes attached to our Drop Offset System and Double Loop. This system drops the holster to clear body armor and to allow for a more natural draw stroke.

-The Double Loop attachment fits 1.5"-2.25" belts. The belt width is adjustable and eliminates the need to purchase multiple attachments for different belts. The double loop also allows for ride height and cant angle adjustment. 

-Holster comes with a leg strap for added stability.

Please note: Our hole pattern is proprietary and meant only for use with our own attachments.


Be sure to checkout out our OWB Magazine Carriers, as well as our IWB Holsters for your backup gun.

Please choose your exact make and model. Failure to mention any details that influence the external dimensions of your firearm will result in a fitment issue.

All Duty Holsters are non-refundable.

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    16 Reviews

  • Posted by David on 24th Feb 2021


    Perfect holster!!

    I looked for weeks for a duty holster for 509t with optic. I found Dara and ordered. I love the holster. The fit and quality are both top notch. I will be purchasing mora Dara holsters.

  • Posted by JC on 5th Jan 2021


    Excellent Holster

    It’s a great holster for the FN 509 T. It’s an excellent fit with my SafeLife tactical belt. I love that I can adjust the tension on the gun for snug, yet smooth draw. The build quality is superb. It takes into account the ambidextrous mag release and make room for a compensator. It’s every thing I need for the way I run my system.

  • Posted by Carlton Lewis on 31st Dec 2020


    This Holster Gets the Job Done!

    I carry the FN-509 Tactical Coyote daily, and this is the best holster by far. I love the clip release for the strap that allows for quick draws, while also keeping the weapon secure. Any good hunter also carries a side piece to complement their long gun and this works perfectly. Secure, Saturday, reliable. If you carry the FN 509, consider this holster. It is bulky, but that's the look I was shooting for, so it fits my needs. Well recommended.

  • Posted by Jim labore on 29th Nov 2020


    FN 509 holster

    Excellent quality. Exceeds my expectations.

  • Posted by Tyler Slaughter on 10th Oct 2020


    Best 509 Holster

    Best 509 tactical holster I've found. Only one I have found that works with my compensator

  • Posted by Alex Bejjani on 1st Oct 2020


    Exceptional Holster

    Holster arrived quickly and is of exceptional quality. The customization of retention and the leg strap is also very desirable.

  • Posted by Isaac Fearn on 20th Sep 2020


    Great Holster

    I ordered this holster a few months ago and working with both live and dry fire drills, this holster is the best holster I have ever owned. The retention is phenomenal, keeping the weapon secured when maneuvering during training. The retention screws are outstanding and allows for a tighter adjustment if necessary, which is great if you want a tighter hold on the weapon and the rotating hood is a plus. I will say that the leg strap is good for now but may change that out later. The leg strap feels a little thin material wise but it hasn't failed yet so currently I am working with it. I would highly recommend this holster whether your a tactical enthusiast or security personnel, this holster will serve your needs.

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