Light/Laser bearing IWB Holsters

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Browse our selection of light compatible IWB Holsters.

Each IWB Holster is formed using robust .093" purpose blended polymers and fastened using stainless, hardened steel hardware. Retention is adjustable and ships secured by lock washers.

Available on all holsters is our semi-permanent thread locker. If this option is chosen, a 1 oz. packet will be included in the order.

Please note that all holsters are made optics ready. This does not effect the fit of the holster if you your firearm is not yet equipped with an optic. The sight channel is also enhanced to fit most suppressor height sights.

For any questions about aftermarket parts or extended controls, please contact us prior to ordering.

Each holster is formed to the exact firearm and light specified in the drop down menu. Please ensure the option selected is correct, as any difference in model may result in a fitment issue. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at prior to ordering.


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