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Additional belt attachments for your (OWB) Outside the Waistband Holster. Paddles will fit up to 2" belt width and only come in Black. These are made and designed by Dara Holsters & Gear, attachments are not meant to fit other brand holsters.



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    13 Reviews

  • Posted by William mills on 18th Apr 2020



    Nice paddle works well my personal opinion it could be a little wider other than that it does the job well

  • Posted by Ken (aka Starman) on 25th Feb 2020


    Paddle Attachment

    At first, I wanted to run the double loop with the myriad of adjustments, but the Paddle is so much easier to use when shooting with the holster on the left hip. It has a unique design which seems to work with just about any belt. It keeps the holster secure and is easy to remove as well.

  • Posted by R carter on 7th May 2019


    Paddle holster

    Great product. Own 5 paddle holsters from Dara. Love the quality of the product and the customer care of their people

  • Posted by Gary Fowler on 3rd Apr 2016


    Awesome Holsters

    Purchased a Dara IWB Holster at a LGS here in Raleigh, NC and wanted to change it up to an OWB, Right to Left. The holster and additional paddle attachment i purchased from your website is excellent quality and function very well. Will be purchasing more of your Holsters for my other Pistols in the near future. Enjoy supporting local Companies like yours.

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