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Action Sport Holster

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  • Quick Loop Holster attachment
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The Dara Custom Action Sports Holster is the top choice for a quick draw outside the waistband holster. This holster is designed for the quickest draw possible while maintaining IDPA legality. Made with thick .093" Boltaron/Kydex and fastened using Stainless Steel hardware, our product is not only impervious to rust, it's built to last a lifetime. 


-Made from .093" thickness purpose blended polymers- much sturdier than the competition!
-Stainless steel hardware impervious to rust.
-Adjustable Ride Height.
-Ability to attach to our Drop Offset.
-Adjustable Ride Height.
-Adjustable Retention System.
-USPSA and IPSC legal.
-Ejection Port cut for fastest draw speed. 

Have a light or laser attachment? Check out our Light bearing Action Sport Holster.

Be sure to check out our OWB Mag Carriers as well.

Please choose your exact make and model. Failure to mention any details that influence the external dimensions of your firearm will result in fitment issue.


I have an Optic, will this holster work?

Yes, the Action Sport Holster already accommodates an optic and co-witness sights.

I would like a different belt attachment, can I get the holster made with another loop?

No. We will only send this holster out with a Double Loop. If you'd like another belt attachment, we do sell them separately. However, as this holster is mainly used for competitive shooting, we only send it out with the most stable option.

I have the Tactical/Omega version of a pistol listed in the drop down menu.

Please let us know in the Custom Notes section so we can ensure a perfect fit!

My carry gun is not listed on your drop down menu, what do I do?

Please contact us to see if there are any options. Sometimes we are able to make it work.



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    171 Reviews

  • Posted by William Bradley on 22nd Oct 2023



    This is my 2nd holster from them in the past several months. I am very satisfied with the holster. I would describe it as sturdy, repeatable holstering results, and snug. I use it for dry fire and competition and range practice. I am not in the military or police but I do have several friends that are and they have tried it on and said it seems good and would like to try it. I use it for a drop leg due to my shoulder tendon needing to be reattached several years ago so I would not have to reach as high. I liked it enough to buy 2 of them for 2 separate pistols. I think that says it all. Happy range days!

  • Posted by GaryV on 21st Oct 2023


    Staccato XC Great Fit

    Love the perfectly formed fit and thick rubber adjuster blocks. Adjustable from no retention to heavy retention. The plastic trigger guard on Staccatos will show permanent marking from plastic-to-plastic contact in the holster trigger guard retention area. I resolved this by adding a layer of fuzzy velcro inside the trigger area and set the adjusters to make the trigger entry a bit flared/funneled into the velcro. No more marking. Love it.

  • Posted by Warren H on 12th Oct 2023


    Action Sport Holster

    Holster Primary Functions are retention, cover the trigger, concealment and comfort. Your Action Sport Holster meets all 4 criteria. When holster arrived, I put my Sig 229 into it (without a round in chamber), turned it upside down and shook it to see if gun would fall out. it did. Turned retention screw 1/8 turn, repeated and gun did not fall out. Outside running around, jumping, etc., gun was secure. At the range, draw was smooth and quick. This holster is better than any holster I have ever used. So I ordered another. The ALQD system is well designed for easy interchangeable applications. Your holster keeps my confidence for successful carry, concealment, retention and draw high level.

  • Posted by Rick on 4th Oct 2023


    Action Sports Holster

    I was a little nervous to purchase the Action Sports Holster as it was considered a "custom" Holster and was not returnable and there were no youtube reviews I could find. Let me put you mind at ease if you are considering one, excellent Holster! Fit and finish is impeccable the attention to detail is impressive and their quality control seems to be very carefully implemented. In short I bought one for classes that I would like to attend requiring an OWB holster and maybe some IDPA. Get one you won't be disappointed I have already made several recommendations to friends and family

  • Posted by Ron on 27th Sep 2023


    Competition Holsters

    I bought a pair of these holsters and AQLS hardware to be able to swap a 9 for a 45 without changing belts. Both are pretty sharp, custom color, good retention on the move, easy draw.

  • Posted by Robert B. on 22nd Sep 2023


    Action Sport Holster

    I have tried OWB holsters for IDPA use mostly from several brands. I have found the DARA Action Sport Holster to be the best - excellent fit, attachment mechanism holds holster firmly on belt, and quality materials. I am very impressed.

  • Posted by Victor on 19th Aug 2023


    Holster for my Beretta M9 A3

    It works awesome during my IDPA matches

  • Posted by Patrick on 17th Aug 2023


    Excellent competition holster

    I ordered the Action Sport holster for IDPA competition using my Shadow Systems MR920. I received it on a Friday and used it in a match the very next day. The retention is positive yet it draws cleanly, it's well-made and looks very durable. The fit and retention is much better for a Shadow Systems frame than using a G19 holster.

  • Posted by Ricci on 30th Jul 2023



    my DARA holster is great! not much more i can say about . get one.

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