Black 1.75" Battle Belt


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Includes:  Black Battle Belt (1.75"), Black Battle Buckle, Inner Velcro Liner Belt (1.5"), 1 belt tip stay, measuring tape, hex wrench & set screws. This is a complete battle belt kit. 

20lb load rating

  • Introducing the World's First Micro Adjustable Battle belt. Kore Battle belts use a hidden track with 20+ sizing points to adjust in small ¼” incrementsNow you can loosen your belt 1/2" after a large meal, or tighten it as much as humanly possible, to securely hold up all your gear when needed. And best of all you can adjust while - sitting, walking, running, swimming or even crawling thru the trenches. No more having to remove or undo your belt buckle to make an adjustment. Simply put, this is the best fitting, most durable battle belt you’ll ever wear.  
  • Designed for range days, overland excursions, the battle field, or just daily duty assignments. Rugged 2 belt system provides reliable load-bearing strength that supports full-size firearms, mags, dump pouches, trauma kits and any gear up to 20+ lbs.
  • Outer Battle Belt is Nylon Web flanked by two rows of Molles, Super-Fiber inner lining & proprietary Reinforced Power-Core™ center. The Inner Velcro Liner belt is nylon web & feeds thru belt loops to hold up your pants & support the weight of the outer Battle belt. The 2 belt system works in unison to adjust the belt's size - in and out - and they must be used together. 
  • Battle Belts are 1.75" wide & One-Size to fit any waist from 24” up to 48". Belt secured to buckle by teeth clamp & 2 set screws (hex wrench included). Includes Belt Keeper to keep belt tip flat against your waist.  

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    9 Reviews

  • Posted by Gm on 15th Apr 2024


    Battle Belt

    Great belt! Took a little time to get the size right just watch their videos and don't cut too much off to early.

  • Posted by Barth Bushberger on 31st Mar 2024


    Black 1.75" Battle Belt

    With so many choices out there you must research and find out what you think might be best for you. For me it was the adjustability of the belt along with Kore's reputation that make me make this choice and for me it was the right one.

  • Posted by cowboynate on 2nd Mar 2024


    Battle Belt - Black Multicam

    Very please with high quality. Took measurements of my waist to fit. Call Dara before I cut the belt and we’re very helpful to under stand. This dual belt system works find. When you don’t need the out battle bet with your pistol and mags an or etc. The enter belt act as a regular belt. So if you are on the go, this works find. Thanks Dara for a find battle belt.

  • Posted by cowboynate on 25th Feb 2024


    In side belt was perfect when cut to size. The Out belt when cut to size perfect. Feels. Good around the waist

    Did get much practice but secure will be great.

  • Posted by Yitzchak Ben-Avraham on 30th Dec 2023


    Battle Belt

    I have been updating my gear with Dara for a few months now. The department had issued out duty belts a year and half ago. I wanted to upgrade to a stiffer more load bearing set up. The Battle Belt was easy to set up. The sizing came with a tape measure that explained everything. I've added my Dara Level two holster to my duty rig. Many thanks Psalms 144

  • Posted by Hafi on 8th Dec 2023


    Greatest belt

    Can’t saying anything bad about this belt, one of the sturdiest belts I’ve owned. Just amazed at the quality definitely recommend it for everyone.

  • Posted by Jacob G on 25th Mar 2023


    Great quality

    Absolutely love it. I bought this with an AR mag carrier, and the double mag carrier. I already had a dara paddle holster. Now my setup runs great. I need to get one more single mag carrier. And I want to get the quick loop attachment to transfer the paddle holster to the quick loop. I just don't know what hardware to buy. I'll have to email the company again. This is my third time having to email them and I must say, they are very quick to respond and amazingly helpful. I was born and raised in Wendell, and I have lived here my whole life. Absolutely love supporting local businesses, especially one with products that are far superior to the rest. Thanks Dara. Customer for life! I recommend to anyone in the market. I didn't even know about you until a year ago, when the guys at Knightdale Pawn Shop told me about you. You came highly recommended by the owner.

  • Posted by Bryan on 22nd Mar 2023


    Great all around tac belt

    Great belt for training or the convenience of having it setup and ready to go the way you want when you get out to the range. I am not even taking a star off, but the only thing I can mention is that the warranty provided by Dara is different and more restrictive than Kore's warranty so I'd probably stick to buying Kore stuff from them. I love all of my Dara holsters, mag carriers and accessories and would give them 6+ stars! The retention is excellent, quality workmanship, great fast shipping in professional packaging, just all around outstanding.

  • Posted by Claude on 11th Sep 2022


    Battle belt

    Look very sturdy. Love the belt mechanism that allows for easy instant adjustment depending on what you wear.

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