8th Jun 2016 Dana

Dara Academy: CCW Permit Courses

Good News for those in the Raleigh area looking to get their Concealed Carry Permits!

We have expanded the family business and will be contributing at Dara Academy Inc. as a Concealed Carry Course Instructor. Dara Academy will begin offering classes in September (you can sign up now!) and will offer a number of classes including the CCW Courses, NRA Basic Pistol Courses and also a Presentation Techniques class, where we discuss various ways to draw from and carry concealed.

Classes will be taught by Hans Dara, who is currently a North Carolina attorney, Peter Dara, a retired Police Officer from New York, and Jon Dara a firearms expert and enthusiast. For more information about the team, visit the About Us page at the Dara Academy Website!

8th Jun 2016 Dana

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