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Inside the Waistband Holsters

Inside the Waistband Holsters

Pictured above is our standard Inside the Waistband Holster. It has all of the most common specs: Right handed, Black, Mid ride, straight draw and a 1.5" black belt clip. It is also made for one of our most commonly carried firearms-- the Glock 43.


This is the base mode holster for $53.99-- prices will go up according to color (up to $4.00 up-charge), belt attachment (soft loops are $11.99), and light attachment (ranging from $15-$30). We often gets asked why we charge extra for light or laser attachments, this is because not only does it take up a bit more material and hardware, but also because certain light/laser attachments can take hours to prepare when creating the mold.


Below are some of our Inside the Waistband holsters that accommodate our most popular light or laser attachments:

While we cannot possibly photograph every holster that gets sent out, we do try to provide a variety of pictures on our website for each type of light/laser combination. 


Working in Customer Service I often get asked if our holsters have that "Kydex Click". The audible click that let's you know when your firearm is fully seated within the holster. The answer is: yes. BUT if you have a light or laser, you will most likely lose that click. This is due to the fact that in a non-light/laser bearing holster, most of the retention is held in the trigger guard. Without a light/laser, the trigger guard has a slight dip that catches the material of the holster causing the "click" once it passes over the front of the trigger guard and fully seats. See below:

On the Right, the holster without a light/laser has a dip where the trigger guard is. The front of the trigger guard passing through the dip to fully seat is what causes the click. On the left, you'll see the Glock 43 holster with a TLR-6 attachment where the holster is molded to accommodate the light. There is no dip in the trigger guard area, therefore no audible click.

Many customers equate "no click" to "no retention" however, this belief is false. Your holster will retain just as well without the click so long as it is made for the specific gun your are holstering and the adjustable retention is properly adjusted.


As you can see in the picture above and in many pictures on our website, some holsters have a varying number of retention screws. This is mainly due to the varying sizes of the pistols that the holsters are made for. Sometimes two holsters for the same firearm will have a different number of retention screws as well. The number of screws does not matter, the retention will be held the same. You cannot pick the amount of retention screws your holster will have.


Our holsters can be made in six different colors, as shown below. From Left to Right: Black, Black Carbon Fiber Texture (+$4.00), Coyote Brown (+$2.00), Coyote Brown Carbon Fiber Texture (+$4.00), OD Green (+$2.00), and Arctic Grey (+$4.00).

Since we use .093" Kydex and Boltaron, our color selection is limited. There are more colors readily available for thinner material holsters, however with a greater color selection comes a less sturdy holster that may not stand up to the beating that a thicker holster could withstand.


This selection on our order form is to help the customer AND the holster maker. 

As you can see there are many different options for your draw hand. If you wear your holster on your strong-side hip, select Right hand or Left hand according to your dominant hand. If you wear your firearm in front of your hip (appendix) select your dominant hand appendix carry. Cross draw will be worn on the hip opposite your dominant hand. Small of Back (SOB) is behind your back.

Most people refer to carry positions much the same as the number on a clock. Hip carry for a right handed shooter is the 3 o'clock position, the small of back is the 6 o'clock position, and so on.


Small of back holsters can be made two different ways: Palm in draw or Palm out draw. See below:

We make both style IWB Holsters and have adjusted the draw hand and cant angles to suit each type of carry option. For Palm in draw you'll want a forward cant angle- tilting the grip up and forward towards your dominant hip for an easier draw. For Palm out draw you'll want a reverse cant, so the grip will be tilted towards your hand for easier access.


The appendix carry holster should be centered with the belly button, and adjusted right or left according to comfort and concealability. Our recommended ride height and cant angle for the AIWB Holster is mid ride with a straight draw-- this is the most CONCEALABLE way to carry at the appendix position. The most comfortable way to carry for anything larger than a shield/Glock 42 is high ride with a reverse cant angle. KEEP IN MIND: with every level of comfort, you lose a level of concealability. 

Our AIWB Holsters have an added wedge to keep the grip of the gun tucked into the body.


Please note that the cant angle and/or ride height will vary slightly depending on the firearm size and make or model. The diagram was made using a Glock 19. The red lines illustrate the top of the belt in each ride height, and the black transparent block illustrates the belt at a mid ride (most common).


All IWB Holsters come with a sweat shield. The size will vary depending on the make/model of the firearm. All sweat shield are rounded so as not to pose a risk of getting caught in the trigger guard.


All custom holsters take around 4-5 weeks to complete. They can take longer for a number of reasons, such as light/laser attachments, the holster did not pass a QC check and possibly had to be re-made, or we are backed up. 

The wait time is due 100% to order volume and the amount of custom options we offer. Since we provide every custom option you can think of, along with every firearm mold available, we often get very involved holsters that no other company can make. This means that while your order may be very simple and straight forward, we most likely have 35 other holsters from the same day that you ordered that are very complicated. So please be courteous and patient as we will not speed up the production process that could possibly result in a lesser quality product.

If you cannot wait the estimated lead time, please see our Quick Ship Holster and Sale Section.


Our holsters are not magical. If you cannot conceal your firearm inside your waistband without a holster, you won't be able to conceal it with extra material surrounding the gun, aka-- a holster. So please, put some thought into your selections and order a holster intended for a position that will best conceal your firearm. If you need help in choosing that position, see our blog post on How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Position.

24th Jun 2016 Dana

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