IWB Holster cut for the RMR

IWB Holster cut for the RMR

Published by Dana on 12th Jan 2017

Introducing the RMR cut IWB Holster! This product will be available Friday 1-13-17!

This holster has been in the works for some time now. Unfortunately, we have had to turn down a large mount of orders due to us not having the time to perfect such a design- but no longer. This IWB Holster will only be offered for a select number of firearms and will require a number of detailed specifics before production begins.


To order this holster we will require a picture of the top of the slide (for width) and a side view to see placement of the optic. We will also need accurate measurements of the width of the optic, as there are a variety of red dots available on the market. You will have to show your exact firearm with the red dot. These holsters will be molded exactly to fit your set up, there will not be any room for error.

Wait Time:

These holsters are made to order and will be subject to the standard Custom Holster wait time. They require a significant amount of care at both the time of molding AND after they are assembled. As you can tell from the pictures below they will be formed around the exact measurements of the optic.

This is not simply a cut out for your optic: this is a molded optic clearance designed to protect your optic sight and prevent pinching when you re-holster your firearm. Each holster will have a full sweat shield, cut by hand specifically for the type of firearm you order for.

If there are any firearm requests, please leave a request in the comment section below OR e-mail us at!

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