Paddle Holster Explained

Published by Dara Holsters on 12th Jun 2023

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The Paddle Holster is a great product for everyday open carrying. Easily put the holster on your belt- or take it off- without unholstering or undoing your belt buckle.

Holster Specs:

  • All Holsters are proudly made at our manufacturing center in Wendell, North Carolina.
  • All Paddle Holster bodies are formed using .093" thick Boltaron. This material is thicker than most on the market and is able to remain rigid even with heavier firearms.
  • Retention hardware is easily adjustable, custom designed for our own holsters and able to hold minute adjustments.
  • All attachment hardware is coated using loctite prior to assembly.
  • Each Paddle Holster comes Optics Ready with a taller sight channel for co-witness sights. This does not effect retention if you have standard height sights.
  • Every holster is draw weight tested prior to packaging. If specified parameters are not met, a new holster is made.
  • Each order is subjected to 5 signature required quality checks prior to shipment, verified on the work order.

Product Links:

Standard Paddle Holster:

Light bearing Paddle Holster:

Paddle Attachment:


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