1st Aug 2023 Dara Holsters

Q&A: What is Thread Locker? Solved

Checkout one of our latest videos addressing a common question: What is thread locker?

We offer Vibratite as a thread locker option on each of our product pages. If you don't have any at home, we highly suggest grabbing some from us. It's very important to loctite your hardware prior to use. The loctite will prevent screws from backing out overtime.

To loctite your holster hardware, take the following steps:

1. Unassemble your gear, making sure not to lose any pieces.

2. Dip screw in thread locker, coating all threads.

3. Reassemble gear, torquing each screw to about 25 in/lbs. If you don't have a suitable device to ensure your hardware is properly torqued, use a hand screw driver and tighten as best as you can. It's better to slightly over torque than to have loose screws.

4. Continue to check your gear periodically prior to use.

To buy thread locker, check out our Vibratite option.

1st Aug 2023 Dara Holsters

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