11th Nov 2021 Dara Holsters

Starting out with Competitive Shooting: The Gear You Need

competitive shooting gear

Getting your gear together so you can start competing in the Shooting Sports shouldn't be rocket science. That's why we offer a one and done package for pretty much every type of match.

Not sure what company or matches you'll be competing in? No problem.

Try our Action Sport Package:

Our Action Sport Package comes with your basic Competition Holster, adaptable to many different attachments such as our Drop OffsetALQD Quick Disconnect System and our DM1 Molle attachment. This holster fits any optic and will accommodate co-witnessed sights. We can accommodate most compensators, and we can also cover thread protectors and extended controls.

This package also comes with 3 or more single OWB mag carriers. We recommend the single mag pouches as opposed to double, to you can move them around to your desired belt position.

The Action Sport Package also includes our best selling Inner/Outer belt, shown below. This belt has an inner belt that acts like any regular belt, that velcros to the outer belt that holds all your gear.

11th Nov 2021 Dara Holsters

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