D2 Duty Belt 2.25"


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Includes: D2 Duty Buckle, 2.25" Smooth Black Duty Belt, 1.5" Inner Velcro loop Belt, 1 Tip Keeper, Inner Belt Clip, Hex Wrench/Screws & Sizing Instructions. 

Introducing the World's First Micro Adjustable Duty Belt!  It's the most comfortable, adjustable, supportive duty belt you will ever wear and real game changer for law enforcement officers, military personnel, and security professionals. 

Total Adjustability. Kore 2-1/4" Duty belts use a patented, innovative track system that's sewn into the back of the belt. This hidden track lets you instantly tighten or loosen your belt in small 1/4" increments, without ever having to undo the belt or buckle. The result is a perfect fit all day - every day

Better Support. The Outer Duty belt & Inner Liner belt are equipped with our  proprietary, Reinforced Power-Core™ center for added support and durability.

Superior Quality. Kore duty belts are Manufactured in the USA using our unique manmade 'Amortek' material that's bio-engineered to outperform and outlast traditional duty belts. The use of Velcro hook attaches them to our Inner Velcro loop belts. Kore Inner belts are made using super tough, scuba webbing, and are designed like no other. Typical Inner belts overlap Velcro overtop Velcro, doubling the thickness and locking the belt in place. Not Kore. Our Inner belts incorporate a flexible material section that allows it to adjust - in and out - in unison with the outer belt. It's simple, effective and highly adjustable. 

Kore Heavy-Duty Buckles. Forged in lightweight aluminum [4.6 oz.] and incorporate our patented, spring-loaded ratchet mechanism to engage, adjust and lock your belt in place. The buckle also features a dual release system, keeping it secure against would-be-perpetrators attempting to forcibly remove your belt. It can't be done. 

Note: Kore Outer Duty Belts must be used in conjunction with our unique Kore Inner Liner Belts to achieve the micro adjustable feature.  Kore Two-Belt Adjustable Track Systems are Patented in the USA and currently Patent Pending in 6 countries

Belt Width / Thickness

2.25” / 68 mm

Load Rating

Up to 30 lbs. / Full-Size Firearm, Stun Gun, Magazine Pouches, Radio, Flashlight, Handcuffs, , Mace, Baton, and more. 

Size Range

One Size Fits 24” - 48”

Adjustable Track

Provides Over 20 - 1/4" Size Positions for Perfect Fit Every Time. 

Belt Reinforcement

Power-Core™ Center for Added Stiffness & Support that's Virtually Indestructible

Outer Belt Material

Armortek - Manmade Super-Fiber Engineered to Outperform & Outlast Leather Belts. Uses Velcro Hook to Attach to Inner Velcro Loop Belt. 

Tip Keeper



Compatible with D1 & D2 Duty Buckles

Not Compatible with G-Series Buckles, X-Series Gun Buckles, Western Gun Buckles or Non-Gun Buckles 


1 Year Manufacturer’s / 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee*

Cut or Altered Duty Belts Are NOT Eligible For Returns Or Refunds. Please Follow Sizing Instructions Carefully. 


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    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Brett on 1st Feb 2024


    Duty Belt

    They threw in one of the purpose built hangers as well. Belt itself is sturdy.

  • Posted by Brian Biscamp on 31st Jan 2024


    Kore Duty Belt

    Absolutely the best belt I have ever used in the 28 years I have been in law enforcement. As long as I remain a police officer, this will be the only belt I will use from now on.

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