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The new Drop Off Set Attachment from Dara Holsters!

Made to be compatible with any Dara OWB Holster. This attachment will also fit any DARA OWB Holster with two points of attachment.

Measures 6.5" in length.


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Lifetime Warranty!

    19 Reviews

  • Posted by Jake on 13th Mar 2022


    Bad A$$

    Wow, wow, wow! First I upgraded my duty holster to the new Dara Level 2, OWB w/ let strap and it was so bad ass that I bought this off set attachment for an older Dara Holster (they are all compatible, which is amazing). Great products , great service, made in the USA in NC, hats off to ya’ll, keep killing it!

  • Posted by Anthony yett on 26th Feb 2022



    Strap does the job it was designed to do.

  • Posted by Manuel on 11th Feb 2022


    Drop offset attachment

    Excellent product, compliments the holster well, gives your draw a more natural feel, high quality construction. Definitely would recommend this product.

  • Posted by Nick on 11th Nov 2020


    Some of the best products

    I have to say that I have been a big fan of Safariland for years but Dara has become my go to holster. They think of the little things and are ahead of the times compared to other manufacturers. I will be a Dara customer for life!

  • Posted by Clay on 19th May 2020



    This is the perfect competition/range compliment to my custom Dara kydex holster. Blows other drop-leg holsters out of the water...

  • Posted by C. Nevins on 7th Apr 2020


    Great Buy

    After my DARA light bearing OWB holster with just a singe over belt clip for about a year, I decided to upgrade to a set up that was a little more sturdy. My existing OWB holster quickly and easily was transferred to the drop leg attachment and I was ready to rock and roll. Fair price, very sturdy material, and shipped SUPER fast. These purchases are the reason I’ll only buy DARA holsters.

  • Posted by Robert Garcia on 15th Sep 2018


    Dara’s new drop down belt mod

    Dara never sleeps when designing new products! They continue to improve with new designs on their previous versions which keeps me coming back to purchase their latest. All I can say is that they just keep getting better and better every year. Keep up the great work Dara!

  • Posted by Luke Stinson on 26th May 2018


    Great product

    This drop down is a good product. Only a few small issues. If the holster retention is a little snug when you try to draw the weapon it wants to just pull away from your leg instead of releasing the weapon. Loosing up the retention helps fix this problem. It could use something else to keep the holster against your leg when you draw. The second issue that’s not really that much of an issue but sitting with the double loop on the corner of the first loop sticks in you a bit. Don’t really notice it if sitting for short periods of time but after a while it starts to get a bit uncomfortable. Other than that I think it’s good product. I like where it puts the height of my pistol.

  • Posted by Larry Chong on 6th Jul 2017


    Great Product

    I like the small off set which keeps my pistol from getting hung up in my shirt if it starts to pull out from my pants when I reholster.

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