Order Status FAQ

Current Lead Time for Custom Holsters: 2-10 business days

In stock items: 1-2 business days

In an effort to lessen confusion and time spent sorting through work orders, we have updated our Custom Status updates to 4 stages:

Stage #1: Order Received (1 day)

Stage #2: Work Order Printed: Your order is printed and about to begin production. (Up to 5 business days depending on volume)

Stage #3: In Production: Holster is being Molded, Edge Finished, Quality Checked and Assembled. (Up to a week depending on volume)

Stage #4: Shipped: On its way! (Shipping typically take 2-4 days)


Stage #1: Order Received 

This is the automatic status on order is given once successfully placed. The order will stay in this stage until the following business day.

Stage #2: Work Order Printed

At this stage, your work order has been printed and distributed to the appropriate technician. They will make sure they have everything they need to complete the order. It is at this time that some mistakes in firearm selection are caught, so please be available by phone to answer any questions we may have. Your order will be delayed if we are unable to reach you right away, and cancelled if you do not respond in a reasonable amount of time

Stage #3: In Production

Your holster has begun production and can no longer be changed or cancelled without a fee. 

Stage #4: Shipped

Once a shipping label is purchased and printed the order will be marked as shipped. Once this happens you should receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with a tracking number from us.





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