Slick Side AIWB Holster - Appendix Inside the Waistband Holster

Slick Side AIWB Holster

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Made to Order Slick Side AIWB Holster w/Claw 

Fits Inside the Waistband at the 12 o'clock Appendix Carry Position for either Right or Left Hand Shooter. Comes standard with an Adjustable Rubber Retention System, as well as a Lifetime no BS Warranty!

The Slick Side Holster Specs:

  • Black .093" Boltaron/Kydex Material
  • Comes with a removable Claw to Tuck Grip In and Prevent Printing
  • 1.5" or 1.75" Slim, Tuckable Clip
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable Cant Angle (15° Forward & Reverse Cant)
  • Full Sweat Shield
  • Covered Mag Release and Trigger Guard
  • Lifetime Warranty!


My Pistol is Suppressor Ready, will it fit this holster?

Yes! Please let us know in the Custom Notes section that your pistol is suppressor ready and we will accommodate your taller sights and threaded barrel.

I have an Optic, will this holster work?

Yes! All of our holsters are optics ready. 

I would like a different belt attachment, can I get the holster made with another clip?

No, we have other holster options for that, such as our MTO AIWB Holster.

Is the Claw removable?

Yes, all you'll need is a screw driver. But to ensure holster integrity without the claw, you'll need rubber grommets to place between the tuckable clip and holster.

My carry gun is not listed on your drop down menu, what do I do?

Please contact us to see if there are any options. Sometimes we are able to make it work.


Warranty Information

This Holster comes with a Full, Lifetime Warranty. Should anything happen to this holster, please contact us and we will fix or replace this holster, free of charge. Please choose your exact firearm. If your firearm is not listed, please contact us to see if we are able to manufacture a holster for you. DO NOT put a different firearm model or any lights/lasers in the Custom Notes section. That section is for listing after market modifications that are not listed in the order form options, such as extended slide locks, model variants (ie: CZ P-01 Omega version), etc. For any questions related to the order form, please see our FAQ section for our Frequently Asked Questions.

    55 Reviews

  • Posted by David Strand on 6th Mar 2024


    Slick side AIWB Holster

    I was hopeful after speaking with some of your staff that this holster would work for me. I wear my LCP Max IWB holster at the 2:30 position and because it is short barreled it does not dig into gut. With your holster because of the height of the ride my 4 inch Shield does not dig into my gut. I can wear it comfortably for hours, walking, standing or sitting. I especially like the ease of drawing and re holstering of the weapon. Your holster has done what you said it would.

  • Posted by Eric Wilson on 1st Jul 2023


    AWIB Holster

    Best holster I have purchased. Fit is extremely secure with no worries. Definitely will purchase from DARA for my next handgun holster.

  • Posted by Cope Reynolds on 9th May 2023


    MTO SlickSide AIWB Holster

    This is my second holster of this model and I will get at least one more. This holster is the closest I have found to being perfect, right out of the package. There are 4 modifications that I do to them to make them absolutely perfect. I am very particular about my holsters and no other company comes as close to being what I want as Dara, especially in this price range.

  • Posted by Bryan on 22nd Mar 2023


    Great AIWB holster and very comfortable

    I've only begun practicing with this holster, but so far it is excellent with amazing retention out of the box. The additional wing that they have is great to help pull the grip handle towards your body. For the most part, this allows easy concealment of a CZ P-10C with just a light summer style shirt on with the help of a good Kore EDC belt. I had to try it for myself and everyone has been right in just how comfortable and easily concealable this holster makes AIWB. Thanks Dara for a great product.

  • Posted by Jeff on 12th Dec 2022


    Rock solid

    This is my holster of choice for over 1 year with my P365XL. I went through a number of different holsters before this one. It's stable and secure, does not shift or tilt down throughout the day. It just stays put and does well at concealing this pistol. Comfortable enough to forget about. It's significantly more sturdy than other kydex holsters I have used. Dara customer service has been excellent as well. Anyone carrying a P365XL should look into this holster.

  • Posted by Don on 28th Aug 2022


    Slick side holster

    Great holster for my mr920, great retention, very comfortable, excellent price.

  • Posted by David Marion Kallam on 19th Jun 2022



    One of the best Holster makers out there. Yoy need to give them a try. you will be very satisfied

  • Posted by Cope on 29th May 2022


    MTO SlickSide AIWB Holster

    This is one of the best AIWB holsters I have found. Two things that I especially like. One is the style of the belt clip. I usually like the security of a "J" hook that goes under the belt with the little hook coming up under the belt from the inside. But I also like the convenience of just being able to slide the holster in my pants and clip to the belt from the outside without having to undo my belt. Dara's clips give you the best of both worlds. I am very active gave never even come close to having my holster come unhooked. The 2nd thing is they made sure that my mag release was protected which at least 3 other companies ignored.

  • Posted by Daryl on 17th Apr 2022


    M@@P csx

    The only time I don't get a Dara Holster is when they don't have it in their inventory yet. They are worth every penny.

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