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We are always open to sponsor competitive shooters, shooting sports events and brand ambassadors.

At Dara Holsters, we make high quality EDC gear for the regular citizen, Duty Holsters for Law Enforcement and Military, and Action Sports gear for Competitive Shooters. We believe in manufacturing the highest quality product using USA sourced materials. Our products are constantly evolving to meet the needs and growing demand of our loyal customers.

What sets Dara Holsters apart?

Our dedication to providing our customers with the best holsters on the market. Through extensive research and development, stress testing, and intensive product operation, you can be confident that we manufacture the most superior product available.

Our holsters are made for shooters, by shooters. All gear is engineered to offer the best performance and thoroughly tested to ensure durability during any level of training. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or are just starting out in the competitive shooting industry, our straight forward construction and intuitively engineered product design will allow you to outshine the competition with a faster and more dependable operation.

To check out our competition gear, head over to our Competition section.

Check out our current sponsors:

Michelle Waldran (team Walther)


Chad Myers

Daniel Thompson (team Walther)

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