6" Chemlight Red-Hi 30min 10Pk


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The Cyalume ChemLight is a bright light stick used by the US military. It's really dependable and comes standard with their gear. The high intensity ones are even brighter but don't last as long.

Here's what you get with the high intensity ChemLights:

  • 30 minutes of super bright light in all directions
  • You don't have to do anything to maintain them
  • They're made in the USA so they're top quality
  • Each one is wrapped up for easy and safe storage
  • They're safe, won't catch fire, and can even work underwater
  • They meet the standards set by the military

These high intensity ChemLights are used by US soldiers everywhere. They're way better than regular glow sticks you might find in a store. If someone falls off a Navy ship, they use these to find them. And if an Air Force pilot crashes, they use ChemLights to show where they are.

These special ChemLights give off a lot of light for 30 minutes and then slowly get dimmer over a few hours. You can use just one to light up small rooms, paths, or camps. They're easy to activate - just bend, snap, and shake.

Each ChemLight is about 6 inches long and there are 10 in a pack. They're wrapped up in foil to keep them safe from light and moisture, and they last for about four years. Plus, they meet all the important standards set by the military.

Cyalume has been making these lights for over 40 years and they're trusted by the US military and other government groups. They're made in the USA and built to work when you really need them.

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