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Additional flat belt clip attachments in sizes 1.75" for your Holster.


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    11 Reviews

  • Posted by Scott on 7th May 2022



    Solid clip,also comes in 2in size, which is difficult to find.

  • Posted by Tim Bertelsen on 11th Nov 2021


    2 different sized belt clip

    The retention on my previous IWB holster was horrible l purchased two different sizes of the clips and the angle of the bottom of the clips securely stay in place at the bottom of the belt. No question this was the right place to get my clips. Thank you Dara.

  • Posted by David North on 26th Apr 2021


    Aditional Belt Clip

    Well done, quality product.

  • Posted by glenn on 3rd Jun 2020



    Wonderful belt clip

  • Posted by Mark Flexter on 26th Sep 2018



    This is the best INSIDE THE WAISTBAND STREAMLIGHT TLR 1 holster for my Glock 19 gen 5 I have it is made of good quality KYDEX it is made very well the CRAFTMANSHIP is excellent I use it every day keep up the great work.

  • Posted by Mark Music on 16th Aug 2018


    2.5” Clip for my GI miltary belt

    I have one for my thick holster belt too. Just wanted one for my other battle type belt. Excellent products, design, materials, fitment and construction. Highly recommend Dara.

  • Posted by Tim on 8th May 2017


    Additional Belt Clip

    I have different belts, and different styles of carry depending on the day. So I purchased a couple different belt clips and interchange them on one holster for my Walther PPS M2. Switching the clips takes about 1 minute and adds so much versatility to an amazing holster! I recommend buying a few different clips, just to have the adaptability of you Dara Holster and keep your concealed and carry weapon as safe as possible!

  • Posted by MG + Dara Holsters response on 20th Jul 2016


    Pretty hard for this not to be good

    It works, what more can I say? Well, a few things actually. One of my only issues with it is the branding. I don't want anything on my holsters that says that it is a holster. Concealed is concealed and it's a big enough clip anyways to be noticeable. That being said, it's solid, strong, has enough of a lip to catch and hold the belt well, but not too much to make it painful to remove. It works. I'll probably just melt the logo anyways. Dara Holsters: thanks for the review.... but seriously, if anyone has their face close enough to your waist line to read the 7 hundreths of an inch lettering, I think you may have bigger problems. Please keep in mind, melting away a logo voids the warranty.

  • Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2016


    Belt Clip Works

    The belt clip was easy to put on the holster and it securely attaches to belt.

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