Additional Soft Loops

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New Pull-the-Dot Soft Loops for Inside the Waistband.

 Adjustable - sizes 1.5", 1.75" & 2"

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Lifetime Warranty.

    6 Reviews

  • Posted by J. on 18th Oct 2022


    Loops to secure mag holders and holster

    Dara should give additional thought to design attachment systems to allow a full grip on the handgun before drawing from the holster. Very difficult to get a full grip on an IWB holster, so the user has to pull the gun, and reacquire a proper grip.

  • Posted by Scott on 7th May 2022



    Good quality loops as is everything with Dara.

  • Posted by Richard Chesser on 1st Apr 2021


    additional soft loops

    I use the IWB SOB holster and have different attachment methods. I found that I prefer the soft loops, and they're well made, attach easily, and work well for me.

  • Posted by Gary on 6th Jul 2019


    Soft Loops

    The absolute best way to keep the butt of the pistol in exactly the same spot all day long, regardless of how you move.

  • Posted by Drew C. on 19th Feb 2016


    Excellent Attachment

    Opted to purchase this to replace my j hook clip. Couldn't be happier. Manufacturing is top notch and the stability is rock solid. Absolutely recommend. Only downside is slightly more protrusion at the belt line (less than 1/8 inch) but it is quite minimal, the only person that notices is me.

  • Posted by Beret Bulldog on 26th Sep 2015


    Ultimate Retention System

    The belt loop system is by far the ultimate retention option you should use. You would never have to worry about the holster leaving your body in a struggle or when running. One loop fails the other still works. i highly recommend this option.

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