Auto Retention Double Mag Carrier

NOTE: We are eliminating the DARA logo design on the Automatic Retention Mag Carrier. If you prefer the branding, please let us know in the order comments as your Mag Carrier may be shipped without logo.

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Introducing the Automatic Retention Magazine Carrier

Capability: The Dara Automatic retention is just how it sounds, it retains a wide variety of magazines ranging from single stack 1911 to the new double stack micro compacts and back up to the extra large 2011 and double stack 45 magazines. Different magazine lengths are also accommodated with the 3 position adjustable internal depth plate. 

Durability: We've thrown everything we can at these carriers, literally! They have been beaten with hammers, loaded and dropped from heights and stabbed through the retention system without being taken down. Our continuous web retention system and Cordura® over travel stop means that a tear or break is confined to that area and does not affect the rest of the system, so your gear will continue to run when you need it most. Rest assured though, if you manage to break it we will replace it. Life time, No B.S.


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    106 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2024


    Magazine Holder

    Love it. Really high quality

  • Posted by Daniel J on 16th Feb 2024



    Awesome product! Fits my G20 mags perfectly! I purposely shook the mags while in the carrier and they refused to fall out. If you haven’t tried this product yet, I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed.

  • Posted by Yitzchak Ben-Avraham on 19th Jan 2024


    double magazine pouch

    I have double and single mag pouches. I also have the entire battle belt and the bridge. I've changed all of my duty gear to Dara. I carry X5 Legion as duty . I'm very impressed with Dara Equipment. I've even changed EDC holster and Equipment. I highly recommend Dara to everyone who wants serious equipment that is built to last. Choose Dara Customer Service unmatched

  • Posted by Mike on 13th Jan 2024


    Great Product

    Works as advertised, was very impressed. Saves me from needing 10 different mag carriers for different pistols.

  • Posted by Brandon on 13th Jan 2024


    Magazine pouches

    Truly impressed with the magazine pouches, bigger than originally expected when I pulled them out of the box. But quality was much higher than expected. Only complaint was better MOLLE options for the double Mag pouches seem to only utilize the one molle strand unless I am incorrect but I went with double loop option to have as much Velcro for my duty belt available. Other than that these Mag pouches are some of best ones I’ve used. Excited to see how long they will last before I need the rebuild kit!

  • Posted by Vaii on 12th Jan 2024


    Auto retention double mag carrier

    Hands down best mag carrier I’ve came across. Awesome product and love the design. Although I wish carrier came with 2 screws for attachment to belt. But still awesome product.

  • Posted by Luis Rivera on 2nd Jan 2024



    Best mag carrier I've seen. To me is ideal for my spear mags.

  • Posted by Russell on 27th Dec 2023


    Double Mag holder

    Disappointing there is no attachment included? Attachment is extra. I had previously purchased (4) holsters, now two double mag holders, paying extra to belt carry is ridiculous. The double mag holders keep mags snug. Will not buy anymore, can not recommend because of this attachment policy.

  • Posted by Tim on 21st Dec 2023


    Great Mag Carrier

    I already own multiple auto retention single mag pouches from Dara and they are great. I decided to try a double pouch in order to save some room on my belt. It definitely helps since I only need one quick loop for the double pouch as opposed to one quick loop for every single pouch. There’s less interference as s result. Retention is great even with single stack 1911 magazines.

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