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Inside the Waistband Magazine Carriers


Our Custom Kydex IWB Magazine Carrier is custom made for each specific magazine carrier. Like all of our products, the draw retention is completely adjustable. These magazine carriers are made using .093" Boltaron/Kydex and fastened using Melonite coated Stainless Steel hardware. They are a concealable, easy access way to carry a back up magazine for your defensive firearm. All mag carriers come with a lifetime warranty!


One Inside the Waistband Mag Carrier for chosen pistol, belt attachment included.

*Pictured is the standard IWB Single Mag Carrier. Mag carriers will vary depending on size, make and caliber. Magazine carriers for 380s such as the Glock 42, will be much smaller and require us to make a smaller custom clip. 


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    36 Reviews

  • Posted by Harold Clark on 18th Mar 2024


    IWB Single Mag Carrier

    I ordered a new mag carrier for my full-size S&W M&P2.0 10mm. The mag carrier I received was for a full-size S&W M&P2.0 but it appeared to be for a 9mm version rather than the 10mm I was after. I make this distinction to address the most important aspect of my experience with Dara. Mistakes can and will occur during the course of carrying on business. We're all human and not infallible. I contacted Dara Support and informed them of the mix up. This is what sets Dara apart from many businesses nowadays. After supplying additional information requested by Customer Support, they got busy. They manufactured the new mag carrier, shipped it, provided a return shipping label for the original carrier, and I received the correct mag carrier in only 9 days. Again, craftsmanship was superb but customer support far exceeded my expectations! Dara remedied the problem without any hesitation whatsoever. This level of customer service is extremely rare these days but it's the reason I won't hesitate to do business with them again in the future. Good people running an honest business!

  • Posted by Retired LEO, Instructor, RSO on 16th Jan 2024



    Overall a well made carrier. Magazine fit is very good. Belt clip/carrier design is too tight for my 1 15/32" wide EDC belt. With extreme effort I can force it on but I'm expecting something to fail prematurely as a result and the screws aren't long enough too loosen any more. Once on the belt it does not move. This design also angles the magazine silghtly toward the rib cage causing some pressure and discomfort from the magazine base plate. An option for adjustability in ride height and cant/rake would be welcome.

  • Posted by Tim on 30th Dec 2023


    Great carrier

    I want to start off by saying i am not a big fan of Kydex IWB products. I dont like the alien feeling of plastic instead of leather. BUT, I recognize that there are times where you really cannot afford that extra bulk from a leather holster. I was given s Dara IWB holster for my glock 43. I like the versatile nature of clip kydex holsters due to the fact they can be quickly removed and replaced when you have to do business with those places that forgot there is a second amendment. The mag/weapon is easy to insert and satisfyingly secure. I like the extra width of the clips dara uses on their products. Nothing moves around despite your actions.

  • Posted by Steve Eisenberg on 13th Apr 2023



    Dara makes beefy, heavy-duty stuff and this product is no different.

  • Posted by Akin on 14th Oct 2022


    Great fit

    Perfect fit for my 10Rd 509 cc Mag

  • Posted by Scott Cash on 13th Apr 2022


    Magazine holster

    This has great retention and looks great!

  • Posted by Chuck Richardson on 9th Feb 2022


    IWB single mag carrier

    Superb quality. I carry a S&W m2.0 4" and it's perfect for full size mags or the 4". I tried many a holsters and is where it's at.

  • Posted by Tommy on 28th Aug 2021


    Mag holder

    Incredible product by 1 of the best companies in the business

  • Posted by Reggie Ringgold on 9th Aug 2021


    Customer Service;

    I'm a returning Customer, and I just received a Holster and Mag Carrier on August 7th. Top notch with both Products but, I wanted to also mention the fact that Dara Holsters and Gear has THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the industry. And I'm specifically speaking about Samantha, I really appreciate Samantha for helping with a slight change I made with my Holster. You're the best Samantha, thank you very kindly.........

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