Auto Retention Double Mag Carrier

NOTE: We are eliminating the DARA logo design on the Automatic Retention Mag Carrier. If you prefer the branding, please let us know in the order comments as your Mag Carrier may be shipped without logo.

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  • Quick Loop Holster attachment
  • ALQD Quick Disconnect Receiver and Double Loop System
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Introducing the Automatic Retention Magazine Carrier

Capability: The Dara Automatic retention is just how it sounds, it retains a wide variety of magazines ranging from single stack 1911 to the new double stack micro compacts and back up to the extra large 2011 and double stack 45 magazines. Different magazine lengths are also accommodated with the 3 position adjustable internal depth plate. 

Durability: We've thrown everything we can at these carriers, literally! They have been beaten with hammers, loaded and dropped from heights and stabbed through the retention system without being taken down. Our continuous web retention system and Cordura® over travel stop means that a tear or break is confined to that area and does not affect the rest of the system, so your gear will continue to run when you need it most. Rest assured though, if you manage to break it we will replace it. Life time, No B.S.


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    116 Reviews

  • Posted by Tim on 21st Dec 2023


    Great Mag Carrier

    I already own multiple auto retention single mag pouches from Dara and they are great. I decided to try a double pouch in order to save some room on my belt. It definitely helps since I only need one quick loop for the double pouch as opposed to one quick loop for every single pouch. There’s less interference as s result. Retention is great even with single stack 1911 magazines.

  • Posted by K.Chung on 19th Dec 2023


    Excellent product

    Love the function and look of this mag carrier. Used them the other day and reloads were flawless and fast. Appreciate that it fits my Glock and CZ magazines. Before I had to switch out mag carriers on my belt for each brand magazine. Looking forward to many years of use.

  • Posted by Enav Iftach on 15th Dec 2023


    Mag carrier

    Simply the best mag carrier I ever owned

  • Posted by Zach H. on 5th Dec 2023


    Mag upgrade

    These magazines carriers are a serious upgrade, with well made materials and function.

  • Posted by Kurt Anderson on 29th Nov 2023


    Auto retention double mag carry

    An outstanding product! Love them,and the quick loop add on is awesome! I love everything about DARA

  • Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2023


    Double mag holster

    Sensational. Very high quality and auto retention is perfect

  • Posted by Joe H on 25th Oct 2023


    Great design

    Great design, I have used Tacos and Esstac quite extensively for work. Dara basically has made something as versatile as tacos but improved on the design. Fits and retains all kinds of mags much better than tacos. I do have some negative feedback, Dara needs to ditch the logo on the front of the mags or have an option without it. I wear a coyote brown duty belt and the brown cloth on the ma pouch against the black body really sticks out. Technically out of policy for my agency to have a brands displayed like that. Frankly, I think it looks silly and I've literally had 20 people make a comment about it.

  • Posted by Derek on 24th Oct 2023


    Auto Retention Mag Carrier

    Awesome mag carriers, hold my chunky FNX-45 mags all the way down to my skinny G43 mags (just a touch loose on those). Customer support was awesome helping me out with hardware when I decided to split the double to use as two singles. Do yourself a favor and purchase with the Quick Loop mount, easy to set up and sturdy. Keep up the great products and service, DARA has definitely gained a customer for life!

  • Posted by Roger Kieth on 17th Oct 2023


    OWB Double Mag Holder

    This is without a doubt the best firearm accessory I have ever approached, and I've purchased a lot! DARA holsters are second to none and I wish I known about them sooner! The double stack mag holder will take care of 85% of my firearms. The ability of this product to be able to hold micro doubles, 9 mm doubles, 45 double,1911 and 2011 in 45 is just outstanding! Their look is cutting edge. All I need to do is by one of their single stack single mag carrier. All my other mag carriers can go in the holster box! Your company has really got it going on, and I will promote you to all my friends and range buddies. And those who ask about your company by spotting my super high-tech mag carrier. Thank you so much I love it!

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