Action Sports Packages & Holsters

Published by Dara Holsters on 5th Oct 2018

Want reliable competitive shooting gear without breaking the bank? Competitive Shooting is expensive enough. Don't waist your hard earned money on gear that isn't reliable. Go with Dara Holsters.

It's not getting into Competitive Shooting that's difficult- it's finding good gear that won't cost you a fortune. Grab everything you need in our Action Sport Package for only $205. Or grab some gear a la carte as you need it. 

Our Holsters are 100% Made in America using USA made .093" Kydex/Boltaron. Each holster is molded precisely to the firearm you choose and is made to order according to the options you've selected. We make Custom Competition Holsters for over 400 firearms and light/laser combinations, as well as any magazine on the market. Each holster or mag carrier comes with a Military grade rubber adjustable retention system. This system was completely designed by us and custom made to fit our holsters specifically.

All holster and mag carrier edges are rounded and polished, with a slim profile so as not to snag clothing or cause any irritation. Our attachments are durable, able to keep up with the demanding physicality of most competitive shooting matches. 

Every Dara Holster comes with a no BS Lifetime Warranty. If anything happens to your gear, we will make it our #1 priority to fix or replace it for free.

Our Action Sports Package comes with our IDPA legal Action Sport Holster with Ejection Port cut out for the fastest draw and target acquisition, three OWB Single Mag Carriers and a USA made Inner/Outer Competition Belt. The Holster comes with either a Double Loop Attachment (adjustable Cant Angle) or a Single Loop Attachment (fixed Cant, but you choose!).

The Elite Action Sport Package comes with all of the same items, the only difference being the type of OWB Mag Carriers. The Elite Package includes magazine carriers with an adjustable cant angle, allowing you to tilt the mags for an easier and smoother reload.

Our RMR cut Drop Offset Package comes with everything in the regular Action Sport Package, but features a Drop Offset Attachment, instead of a regular belt attachment. This drops the holster down about 4" from the belt, making the grip nearly level with the belt, depending on the firearm. This attachment can be removed if not legal in a specific division, and also comes with an optional leg strap for added stability.

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