All About Mag Carriers

Published by Dara Holsters on 10th Jan 2019

We offer a variety of different magazine carriers to suit our customers needs. For concealed carry, we offer a standard IWB Mag Carrier and a Tuckable Mag Carrier. For open carry and/or competitive shooters, we offer a standard OWB Mag Carrier, Adjustable Cant Mag Carrier and a Double Mag Carrier.

Our Mag Carriers are highly customizable. We mold precisely to fit the exact magazine that you have, guaranteeing a perfect fit. Customize your color, draw hand, reloading side, bullet orientation and belt attachment. Each mag pouch comes standard with an adjustable Military grade rubber retention system, custom designed by us to work specifically with our gear. Each product is made with thicker .093" Kydex for a more high quality experience than anything else on the market.

If you are right handed, choose a left sided reload for your standard opposite side carry. This will place the mag carriers on your left side, across from your holster.

The bullet orientation refers to the position you'd prefer the bullets to face. Most are taught that bullets forwards is the way to carry, this is the most commonly ordered spec.

The belt attachment refers to how the mag carrier will attach to the belt. Choose the type of attachment you prefer, and match the size according to your belt width. Try to get as close as possible, as any extra room around the belt will result in movement off of the belt.

Check out our IWB Mag Carriers for Concealed Carry:

Tuckable Mag Carrier

Kydex IWB Single Mag Carrier

OWB Mag Carriers for Open Carry & Competition

OWB Double Mag Carrier Kydex for Open Carry, Range use and Competition

OWB Single Mag Carrier

Adjustable Cant Magazine Carrier for Competition

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