ALQD Mounted Holster

Published by Dara Holsters on 6th May 2021

ALQD Mounted Holster

Go from Safe, to Vehicle, to Belt without ever un-holstering with the all ne ALQD | Auto Locking Quick Disconnect System by Dara Holsters.

Check out our ALQD Mounted Holsters. The ALQD Quick Disconnect System is compatible with RAM Mounting Systems Flat Surface Mount and the Dara Double Loop System.

Pair the ALQD Receiver with your Mount and your Double Loop to move from safe, to vehicle, to belt without un-holstering. You'll need the following products:

To mount your everyday carry gun to your safe, you'll need to purchase the Mounted Vehicle Holster with ALQD. The option to add the ALQD Quick Detach System is at the bottom of the order form. Ensure the option for this is checked.

Next, you'll need an additional Flat Surface Mount to mount the holster to your vehicle. You can mount to any flat surface including the dashboard, center console, or inside a glove compartment safe if you have the room.

For the belt, you'll need to order the ALQD Receive/Double Loop System. This will be put on your belt in the morning, or should remain on your battle belt.

How the ALQD Auto Locking Quick Disconnect works:

Make sure the manual safety lever is not engaged. 

Depress the thumb button to operate. Once the thumb button is depressed, you will be free to slide the ALQD Mount to release. To reattach, depress the thumb button, insert the ALQD Mount into slot and release the thumb button. You can then engage the manual safety.

The ALQD Autolocking Quick Disconnect System is perfect for anyone. Whether you are a Law Enforcement Officer going from squad car to work, or a competitive shooter needing to swap gear in between matches. The ALQD gives you the flexibility to mount or quickly change gear without effort.

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