7th Jul 2017 Dana

BLOG: New Website Changes!

As you may have noticed, we have recently made some aesthetic changes to our website. Everything internally has stayed the same, such as the Categories and Products, but our layout is now cleaner and easier to use.

All of our Custom Holsters can be found in the left hand menu. Holsters are divided into the same Categories: Custom Holsters > AIWB and IWB > Light bearing IWB Holsters > Optic cut IWB Holsters
Custom Holsters > OWBs > Light bearing OWB Holsters > Optic cut OWB Holsters

Then Quick Ship Holsters, which is broken down into Made to Order Holsters & 24 Hr Holsters.

Mounted Vehicle Holsters > Light bearing Vehicle Holsters

Duty Holsters > Light bearing Duty holsters

Mag Carriers

If you'd like to leave feedback about these changes, please feel free to do so in the Comments Section below!

7th Jul 2017 Dana

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