Check & Declare your Firearm at the Airport or be Fined

Check & Declare your Firearm at the Airport or be Fined

Published by Peter on 23rd May 2016

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Ok, so you want to fly, who doesn’t? Do you have a concealed carry permit? Most of you know where I’m going (and it’s NOT California!). If you're planning a trip to a regulated airport (commercial passenger service) you will have to remember that you MUST transport your unloaded firearm in Checked Baggage.

If you forget, plenty of folks do, and pack your firearm in your carry-on bag, the TSA will perform their duty, discover your mistake, and promptly notify the on-site LEO. More times than not in this country you will be cited (charged and issued a field appearance ticket) and then the TSA will fine you in a subsequent notification. Most folks don’t know, but the fine (public knowledge) is $3,000.00 - $7,500.00 for your first offense, yes offense, but the money is not really the worst of it. You could lose your concealed carry license/permit if the local magistrates find that your actions were intentional.

So, please pack that UN-LOADED firearm in a locked hard-sided case; and ensure that you DECLARE the firearm to your air-carrier when you present your checked baggage for transport (see all specific details on TSA.GOV)

Also here is an abbreviated list of civil-enforcement fines the TSA can impose.

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