Cooler Weather Means Competitive Shooting

Published by Dara Holsters on 11th Sep 2018

Jared Noble - Competitive Shooter

Stolen: because it is incredibly accurate.

Best explanation of Competitive Shooting I've read. "I want you to picture a bonfire....a really fun kick ass bonfire with people that are cool. Then I want you to imagine all your cash assents in a big pile of money next to that bonfire. And you have a shovel, and you're just shoveling all that cash into the bonfire to keep it burning. But strangely you're really happy about it and you have this fancy expensive ass shirt you don't dare wear out in public but only at the bonfire.

Totally accurate, if we're all honest. BUT you can successfully navigate the waters of competitive shooting without spending too much, as long as you choose your gear wisely.

As far as holsters go, a couple of no-brainer things to look out for would be quality and safety. Once you find a couple of brands that implement these into their design, while maintaining legality in all matches, you'll next look for a holster that is made for your specific firearm. This probably narrows it down to about 2 brands, and the winner here will offer a great warranty.

All of our holsters are guaranteed for life. No matter what happens, we'll fix or replace it quickly for free. All you need to do is call.

Here's what we recommend to get started:

Action Sport Competition Holster

Drop Offset Competition Holster

Light bearing Drop Offset Competition Holster

Light bearing Competition Holster

OWB Mag Carrier

Double Mag Carrier

Also pretty necessary is extra retention hardware and a solid competition belt:

Inner/Outer Belt

Retention Hardware

Dual Layer Nylon Tacbelt

Did you know that both our Inner/Outer Belts and our Dual Layer Nylon TacBelts are 100% made in the USA?

Quick Tips:

1. When in doubt, go with ejection port cut style "B". This cut covers the side of the ejection port, making the holster legal in all IDPA divisions.

2. The Drop Offset and Leg Strap are both removeable and are not legal in all matches.

3. Go with the Double Loop when selecting your belt attachment. This allows you to adjust the ride height and cant angle of the holster, attach it to a drop offset later on if you'd like, and switch between multiple belts as the sizing is adjustable!

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