Dara Action Sport Holsters

Dara Action Sport Holsters

Published by Dana on 21st Sep 2016

Action Sport Holster

The Dara Action Sport Holster has been a top seller since the beginning in 2011. The Ejection port cut out, featured on the Action Sport Holster, allows for a speedy draw and quicker target acquisition. This holster is extremely popular amongst competitive shooters, however it is also becoming more popular with everyday carriers as well.

HK VP9 Holster

This picture above shows the difference between the two ejection port cut outs offered on the Action Sport Holster. Cut "A" is the full cut out, exposing both the top and side of the ejection port. Cut "B" is the top of the ejection port cut away, leaving the side covered. Cut "B" was made out of necessity when a USPSA shooter came to us for a competition holster. He was competing in the single stack 1911 match and needed the side of the ejection port covered. Thus, cut "B" was born.

Glock 21 Holster

Walther Q5 Match Holster

Walther Q5 Match Holster

Action Sport Holster are quickly becoming our most popular Outside the Waistband Holster choice as cooler weather approaches. Carrying OWB is more comfortable and easier to conceal in the cooler Fall and Winter months when wearing a jacket is an everyday thing. 

The Action Sport Holster also accommodates all slide mounted optics and reflex sights, such as the Trijicon RMR, shown above. The ejection port cut out does not effect the retention of the holster whatsoever.

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