• 14th Mar 2024

    The Lifesaving Importance of First Aid Kits for Every Shooter

    In the high-stakes worlds of competitive shooting, tactical training, and serving in law enforcement or the military, preparedness is paramount. Beyond the necessary gear and training, one often ove…

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  • Move and Shoot | Rangetime Videos

    6th Oct 2023

    Move and Shoot | Rangetime Videos

    At least twice a month the Dara team makes it to the range for product testing and training. We test out new products, stress test current products and run drills to keep our skills sharp. The best…

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  • 20th Jun 2023

    Auto Locking Quick Disconnect: the Why

    Whenever we post a video of the ALQD we often get asked, by new shooters in earnest or by online trolls: "why would you need to change gear quickly?" While there are many relevant scenarios i…

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  • SHOT Show 2023

    27th Dec 2022

    SHOT Show 2023

    Dara Holsters will be exhibiting in this year's SHOT Show!Come see us at booth #75123 to chat and see what exciting new things we have in store for 2023. To schedule a meeting, please e-mail us at dan…

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  • Now Available: Leg Strap Adapter for Duty Holsters & ALQD

    30th Mar 2022

    Now Available: Leg Strap Adapter for Duty Holsters & ALQD

    Introducing our NEW Leg Strap Adapter. Necessary for the Dara Duty Holsters when paired with ALQD Quick Disconnect System. This adapter allows you to now use the Duty Holster and ALQD with added le…

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  • New In-Stock Holsters from Dara Holsters

    23rd Nov 2021

    New In-Stock Holsters from Dara Holsters

    We've been busy this season adding option to our In Stock Holster section! Check out our new IWB, AIWB, OWB and Duty Holster options that ship same day!Newest Product: our Tourniquet CarrierAIWB Ho…

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  • 30th Sep 2021

    Black Carbon Fiber Texture Holsters FAQ's

    Black Carbon Fiber Texture Holsters: Check it out... We often get asked about our black carbon fiber texture. Is the inside of the holster also textured? Is the Carbon Fiber texture abrasive on the…

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  • 8th Jun 2021

    Most Popular Holsters of 2021

    Most Popular Holsters of 2021: Take a look at the Drop Offset Action Sport Holster, our Light bearing Level 2 Duty Holster, the ALQD Mounted Holster and the Light bearing OWB…

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  • 13th May 2021

    OWB Holster for Glock 19 with Surefire X300U-B

    OWB Holster for Glock 19 gen4 with Surefire X300U-B Light with ALQD Quick Disconnect. Check out the video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for product updates and product launches. Bi…

    Published by Dara Holsters

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