Dara Holsters OWB: Versatile & Modular

Published by Dara Holsters on 9th Oct 2020

Check out the Light bearing Optic cut OWB Holster and all the attachments you can choose from...

The Double Loop

With three points of attachment to the holster and two points of attachment to the belt, the Double Loop is a sturdy option perfect for supporting any sized fully loaded firearm. Our standard OWB attachment option, the Double Loop is fully adjustable for both ride height and cant angle, as well as belt width.

The Drop Offset

The Custom Drop Offset Action Sport Holster is an Outside the Waistband Holster designed for the quickest draw possible, featuring two ejection port cut options allowing for the fastest target acquisition during competition. This holster is ideal for range time, USPSA or other competitive shooting matches.

The Dara Drop Offset attachment has three points of contact to the Double Loop and three points of contact to the Competition Holster. The ride height and cant angle of the holster are fully adjustable within the range provided by our double loop. The Drop attachment measures 7" in length, dropping the holster around 3-4" and offsetting it from the body approximately 1". At the bottom, there is an attachment point for an optional leg strap.

The leg strap consists of a soft, weather-resistant 1" wide Polypropylene strap, fastened by a plastic curved buckle. The leg strap adds another layer of stability during competition, when the shooter is participating in rigorous physical activity. The strap comes in a black, one size fits all configuration.

RAM Mounting Systems

Check out our Patent Pending Mounted Holster System using RAM Mounts™. This Mounted Holster is 100% made in the USA and securely fastened to the RAM Mount™ using Melonite and Zinc coated hardened steel hardware. Our rugged Kydex/Boltaron holsters, coupled with America's leading mounting structure, makes for the ultimate self defense and protection system.

These gun holsters can be mounted to any truck or car using the Flat Surface Mount. You can also use the Flat Surface Mount to mount the holster on the inside of your center console for a concealed carry vehicle holster. Other options for motorcycles or kayaks, include the Tough-Claw Mount. This claw can be tightened to fit any bar with a 0.625"-1.5" outer diameter.

If you're like us and carry your gun all day everyday, you know that even the best holster can become uncomfortable after a long drive. Most carriers will take their holsters off and stick the holster between the seat and center console. This may be an okay temporary solution, but should you ever need to draw in an altercation, your holster will end up coming out with your firearm since there is nothing holding your holster down. This outcome is not okay and why we have come out with our mounted vehicle holsters. This car or truck holster is the perfect solution if you spend any amount of time in your vehicle.

The mounting system is also removable for times when you are not in your vehicle and do not wish to leave a holster or holstered weapon where anyone can see. Simple twist the dial to remove the ball from its socket, and put the holster in your center console or gun vehicle safe.

Check out these other Mounting systems:

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