Duty Holster for the HK VP40

Published by Dara Holsters on 3rd Jul 2015

As mentioned in our previous post, we are now making holsters for the new HK VP40. If you missed out on that post, you can click here to view our IWB Holster for the HK VP40

Custom Level 2 Light bearing Holster for Vp40

While our Inside the Waistband Holster is the most popular choice among the customers who carry concealed, our top second choice is the Level II Duty Holster. This holster features two levels of retention, making it the safer option for open carry or duty carry.

Custom Level II Duty Holster

The first level of retention is our adjustable Military grade rubber retention system. This system consists of anywhere from one to three sets of retention hardware, depending on the model firearm. The retention system can be seen above, where there are two sets of screws below the trigger guard, where most of the retention is kept. To adjust this retention, you need only make quarter turns with a Philip's head screwdriver until you've reached the desired holding. Always use loctite or another thread locking substance to set the screws, to prevent them from backing out.

The second level of retention lies in the rotating hood seen below. The hood is a spring assisted, lever operated system. Once the lever is depressed, the hood rotates forward allowing the user to draw.

Custom Level II Duty Holster

If you're looking into open carry or if you are required to carry a holster with at least two levels of retention, consider carrying our Level II Duty Holster. The permanent hardware, the high quality materials used, and our Lifetime Guarantee make it one of the Top 9 Retention Holsters for Law Enforcement according to Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine.

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