How To Install Retention Hardware

Published by Dara Holsters on 9th Apr 2020

In this video we will demonstrate how to install Retention Hardware on your Dara Holster. If you need Retention Hardware, click here. If you have everything and are ready to go, check it out:

Step 1:

Grab your Rubber Grommets and insert inside the holster, making sure the holes are aligned.

Step 2:

Insert posts (female ends) on the side opposite of the belt attachment and secure with your fingertips.*

*For Mounted Holsters, you'll insert posts on the side that has the ball mounted.

Step 3:

While maintaining pressure on the posts to prevent them from falling out, place finishing washers over holes on opposite side of the holster.

Step 4:

Insert screws and tighten.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I tighten factory set retention? 

Yes, please do. We set retention at a certain tightness, however it's adjustable and we certainly want you to set the retention to your own preference.

My retention is either too tight or too loose. What can I do to fix it?

This usually happens when customers adjust their retention in one to two full turns at a time. Try adjusting in quarter turns, testing the fit in between adjustments. Our retention hardware was designed by us to work with our holsters and it will hold even the most minute adjustments.

My rubber grommet is squished, is that okay?

Yes, that's what it is designed to do. The only problem you may run into is the screw protruding from the back end. If this happens, contact us and we can see if there is an issue.

My retention hardware rattles, is that normal?

No, please tighten your retention. Rattling hardware is going to fall out.

How do I know when my retention is tight enough?

There should be slight resistance going into the holster and then usually there is an audible click when the firearm is fully seated. There will be more resistance when drawing your gun then when holstering it, due to having to overcome to trigger guard detent. You will be able to hold the holstered gun upside down and give it a firm shake without the gun falling out. If the gun does fall out, please tighten your retention.

We understand that there are customers with underlying conditions and preferences that may lean towards wanting looser retention, but having your gun too loose in the holster is dangerous, so please keep the retention tight.

Should I loctite my hardware?

Yes, please use the blue non permanent loctite or the thread locker that we offer on our website to secure your hardware. 

If you have any further questions about retention hardware, please contact us at!

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