How To: Post Removal Instructions for The Bridge™

Published by Dara Holsters on 9th Apr 2024


These steps will guide you through removing the threaded posts from your Bridge™ adapter.

  1. Remove the Bridge™ from your holster and attachment.
  2. Thread any of the supplied screws about three full turns into the front side of the threaded post. You will use the provided hardware to push the post out the opposite way it was installed.

  1. While supporting the bridge on a stable flat surface with the large flat side of the post facing the table, use a small mallet to gently tap on the head of the screw to push the threaded post out of the Bridge™ adapter.

  1. Once the post is pushed out of the Bridge™ you can remove the screw from the post and reuse the post and screw.

Note: Excessive insertion and removal of a post into the Bridge™ can lead to deformation of the bridge's holes, resulting in a loosened fit of the post and potential complications during reassembly.

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