Inside the Waistband Holster Pictures

Published by Dana Vogel on 12th Aug 2015

Weekly Gallery

Starting this week, we will be making an effort to post more pictures of our holsters. We will be making a weekly gallery consisting of the holsters made that week. We won't be posting all of the holsters that are made, as we receive many of the same holster orders, and we don't want our gallery to be too redundant.

Sig P938 IWB Holster & Mag Carrier

Sig P938 IWB Holster and Mag Carrier

Sig P938 IWB Holster and Mag Carrier

Glock 19 Ready to Ship IWB Holster

Ready to Ship IWB Holster for Glock 19

The Concealed Carry Package is part of our IWB Holster Package Collection. These packages were put together using the most commonly bundled IWB holsters and IWB mag carriers. The Concealed Carry Package is the perfect combination for anyone who carries concealed. Our IWB Holster is made using minimal material, with adjustable retention held at the trigger guard. Each holster is made to fit exactly the firearm ordered, with an audible click when fully seated in the holster- letting you know your carry gun is perfectly secured. The IWB Mag Carrier is made specifically for your magazine- not one size fits all. The retention on each Mag Carrier is also adjustable, letting you set the desired holding. For light bearing variants, check out our Light bearing Concealed Carry Package.

The Glock 19 IWB Holster shown above is part of our in stock, ready to ship 24 hr IWB Holster collection .These are holsters made using the order specs of our most common custom orders. The majority of our Quick Ship holsters are mid ride with a 7.5° forward cant angle. (as of 6/22 all Quick Ship Holsters come with an adjustable cant angle, from straight draw to 7.5° forward). This is the most common ride height and cant angle for a regular Inside the Waistband Holster intended to be worn at the hip or slightly behind (3-5 o'clock RHD or 9-7 o'clock LHD). All Inside the Waistband Quick Ship Holsters will come with a 1.5" belt clip, unless otherwise requested by the customer or specified by us.  

Tuckable IWB Holster

Tuckable IWB Holster for the Walther PPS M2

Tuckable AIWB Holster for the Glock 19

Here is our Custom Tuckable IWB Holster for the Walther PPS M2. This holster has a high ride and a straight draw, the most versatile of our custom options. As you can see, our tuckable holster has a 0.93" Kydex plate mounted to the base of the holster near the muzzle. This plate gets tucked into the pants along with the holster and allows the shirt to be tucked in. The belt attachment is mounted at the top of the plate. 

The Slick Side Holster (picture right with our Tuckable IWB Mag Carrier) is for use in the appendix carry position. This holster features a very slim design- hence its' name the "Slick Side". Also a tuckable IWB Holster, this holster also comes with a Grip Concealment Claw to aid in concealment. To check out all of our Tuckable IWB Holsters, click here.

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