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Published by Dara Holsters on 13th Sep 2018

RAM Mounted Holster Sale - 20% off Select Products!

Dash Mounted Vehicle Holster
Standard RAM
Mounted Holster
RMR Cut RAM Mounted™ Dara Holster
Optic cut
Mounted Holster

Light bearing RAM Mounted Vehicle Holster
Light bearing
Mounted Holster

Light bearing RMR Cut RAM Mounted Dara Holster
Light bearing 
RMR cut 

Dara Mounted Holster with Tough-Claw™
Mounted Holster

RMR cut Tough
Wedge Holster

Mountable Holster Standard

RAM Mounted Vehicle Holster for M&P Shield 9/.40
M&P Shield
Ready to Ship

Mounted Vehicle Holster for the HK VP9sk
HK VP9sk
Ready to Ship

Extra Retention
RMR cut Glock 19 Mounted Vehicle Holster
Optic cut G19
Ready to Ship
Tough-Wedge Holster, Mounted Vehicle Holster
Expandable Tough 
Wedge Holster

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   Introducing our Patented Mounted Holster System using RAM Mounts™. This Mounted Holster is 100% made in the USA and securely fastened to the RAM Mounting™ System using Melonite and Zinc coated hardened steel hardware. Our rugged Kydex/Boltaron holsters, coupled with America's leading mounting structure, makes for the ultimate self defense and protection system.These gun holsters can be mounted to anything!

The Flat Surface Mount is the most commonly used Mounting System. This Mounted Holster can be bolted tot he dashboard of any vehicle, or mounted to any flat surface, such as a desk, table, bench, you name it!

Other non invasive mounting options include the Tough-Claw Mounting System and the Tough-Wedge. The Claw will clamp onto any railing with a .625" - 1.5" diameter. This mount is most commonly used under the driver's seat, attached to the seat rail. 

The Tough-Wedge Holster sits between the seat and center console, with an expandable air bladder to fill up negative space, making the tough-wedge stable. 

Expandable Tough-Wedge Holster

Each Mounted Holster System is modular, able to be broken down easily and quickly when not in your vehicle. We recommend never leaving your firearm in the holster unattended. Instead, remove the holstered firearm from the mount and store it securely.

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