New Colors: Coming Soon!

New Colors: Coming Soon!

Published by Dana on 26th Dec 2016

The new year is bringing a couple of changes to Dara Holsters & Gear. We will be announcing a couple of new products that we're testing, phasing out some less popular options and adding new options, which I'm going to tell you about now!

We will be adding three new colors to our line up:

  • Natural Leather Texture
  • Cordovan Leather Texture
  • Black Leather Texture

Here is a preview of what the colors will look like: This is a two-tone Modular Appendix Rig.

Appendix Holster for Sig P938

Appendix Holster for Sig P938

These options should be available right after the new year! The two-tone Modular Appendix Rig will also be available as a second product. 

These colors have a leather-like texture, it even feels like leather, but it is the same Kydex that we've been using all long. It gives the classy look of a leather holster, but the tactical ruggedness of Kydex.

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