20th Jun 2018 Dara Holsters

New Drop Offset Holster with Thigh Strap

Drop Offset Holster

Introducing our NEW Drop Offset Action Sport Holster with Thigh Strap! This New & Improved Drop Offset System now comes with an optional Thigh Strap for optimum performance.

Drop Offset Holster

Double Loop and Drop Offset

Double Loop and DOH

Drop Attachment

This Drop Offset Attachment can be purchased separately and attached to any existing Dara Holster, however the hole pattern is proprietary and will only fit a Dara brand Holster. To start building your Dara Drop Offset Holster, click here.

Drop Offset Competition Holster

We currently offer the Drop Offset attachment with our Action Sport Holster. This holster is intended for Competition use, featuring an ejection port cut out specifically designed for a quick draw and faster target acquisition. Furthermore, the Drop Offset attachment offers a lower ride height, dropping the holster for a more natural and comfortable draw. The optional Thigh Strap offers stability and better performance by keeping the holster flush with the leg during the draw. 

20th Jun 2018 Dara Holsters

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