NEW Drop Off-Set Rig

NEW Drop Off-Set Rig

Published by Dana on 10th Mar 2017

Drop Off-Set Rig

Introducing the new Drop Off-Set System from Dara Holsters & Gear, Inc!

The benefits of a drop off-set rig are numerous: including an easier, faster draw, decreasing the time it takes to get that first shot off. The DOH system also lowers and off-sets the pistol grip from your body, increasing draw speed and both the quality and consistency of your grip. The DOH system has been used by Law Enforcement and Competitive Shooters for years.

Made from .125" Boltaron, the drop offset is not only durable and made to withstand years of use and abuse, the entire rig is also covered under a lifetime warranty!

The drop offset plate measures 6.5" in length and can be purchased as a packaged deal, or separately in our Attachments section.

If you already have a Dara OWB Holster, the drop offset will still be compatible. However the drop offset plate has three points of attachment to the holster, while most standard Dara OWB Holsters have two attachment points. DO NOT drill a third attachment point into your Dara OWB Holster. Any hardware used to fasten a third point of attachment will rub against your firearm causing damage. Any holster with two points of attachment cannot be altered for the new three point attachment system. 

Drop Off-Set Rig

The DOH System also allows the user to adjust the ride height and cant angle of the holster, providing the user with optimum control over their set up.

Already have a Dara OWB Holster with three points of attachment? Grab the Drop Off-Set Attachment here:

Drop Offset Attachment

UPDATE: As of 6/20 All of our Drop Offset Attachments now come with an optional leg strap. The leg strap is a one size fits all nylon strap, that buckles around the leg for added stability. The thigh strap prevents the holster from moving upwards upon the draw, no matter how tight the retention is set.

Drop Offset Holster

Drop Offset Holster DOH

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