New to Concealed Carry & Need a Holster?

Published by Dara Holsters on 27th Sep 2018

Are you new to Concealed Carry and shopping for your first holster? Look no further. We'll show you our most recommended holster for new carriers and explain what makes them so popular. Ready?

Quick Ship IWB Holsters:

Ready to Ship IWB Holsters

Our  Quick Ship Holsters are the most highly recommended holsters for new concealed carriers. Not only do they ship quick- we know you're probably eager to get carrying- but they come with an adjustable cant angle that suits both appendix carry and hip (or behind) carry. You can adjust from a straight draw, most suitable for the appendix carry position, to a 15° forward cant, most suitable from 3-5 o'clock.

These holsters also feature an adjustable retention system, custom made specifically for our holsters. This system is better than any other on the market- able to hold very minute adjustments for perfect custom retention. The holster is molded precisely to your exact firearm, with the same high quality of which our custom holsters are made. Once your carry gun is holstered, you will hear an audible click letting your know that your firearm is securely seated.

We highly recommend our  Quick Ship Holsters not only for their versatility, but for their 30 day guarantee. If you try the holster, realize you want to carry in another position or desire a more significant cant angle, no problem- just give us a call and we'll send you a return label!

Custom Quick Ship IWB Holsters:

These holsters are essentially Quick Ship Holsters, but they are made to order. You choose the Firearm, the Color and the draw hand, and we make it to order and ship it within a few days. These holsters come with the same Adjustable Cant Angle as the  in-stock Quick Ships, but they're offered for a larger selection of firearms and made for lefties as well.

Custom Quick Ship AIWB Holsters:

Appendix Holster with Claw

These Appendix Holsters come with our  Grip Concealment Claw. The Claw pushes against the belt and pulls the grip into the body for more concealability. The Claw is removeable, but highly recommended for appendix carry.

The Cant Angle of the  Custom Quick Ship AIWB Holster is also adjustable, but instead of a forward cant, the cant goes from straight draw to a 15° reverse cant. If you're right handed, this would tilt the grip towards your right hand.

Slick Side Appendix Holster:

Slick Side Appendix Holster

The  Slick Side AIWB Holster is our most popular Appendix Holster right now. It boasts the lowest profile design on the market, with all of the best features. It's tuckable, skinny clip is awesome for anyone occasion. Whether you carry with your shirt tucked in for business casual, a suit, or casual clothing, this little clip handles it all, locking onto the belt and keeping even full sized pistols upright. The Cant Angle is also adjustable, a very nice feature built into the tuckable clip.

Adjustable retention also comes standard on the slick side holster. 

For any more questions, or to speak to an expert about other holster options, feel free to contact customer service. We are available Mon - Fri from 9 am EST - 4 pm EST to help you in any capacity.

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