OD Green Battle Belts

OD Green Battle Belts

Published by Dana on 8th Jan 2018

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Introducing the OD Green TacBelt: two stiff layers of 2" OD Green Nylon, built to last. Unlike other belts, the buckle is a slim no-nonsense design that adds zero bulk to a belt that's already full of gear. 

OD Green Battle Belt

As you can see above, the belt holds a fully loaded Firearm and Duty Holster upright without folding in on itself. The 2 layers of nylon are definitely up to the task of holding all of the gear needed for most IPSC, IDPA and USPSA matches.

OD Green TacBelt

OD Green TacBelt

Below is an up close shot of the slim designed belt buckle which is only on only one side of the belt, making set up much easier than your typical battle belt. Usually, removal of the plastic hulking buckle is needed to put all of the gear on the belt, and that's if the buckle is even removable. But with this new TacBelt, set up takes a fraction of the time!

OD Green Tactical Battle Belt

OD Green Battle Belt

The Belt can be worn for everyday wear, as well as for range use and competition. Measuring 2" wide, the belt should be able to fit through the belt loops of most tactical pants, as well as fit most belt attachment for mag carriers and holsters. See below.

Green Battle Belt

The overlap left after the buckle has a full layer of velcro to keep the extra length flush with the body. This helps ensure the integrity of the material stays in tact for the life of the belt, unlike other nylon belts who leave the overlap to hang away from the body. The entire belt adjusts to the shape of the body for comfort, while maintaining the stiffness necessary for keeping the gear upright and tight to the body.

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