• 16th Nov 2021

    Need a Competition Belt? Inner/Outer Battle Belt

    Our made in the USA Competition Belt features a 1.5" single layer Nylon inner belt and a 2" dual layer Nylon outer belt. The Inner belt fits through your belt loops as a regular belt, to be worn…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • 6th Jun 2019

    Proof: Why You Need a Good Gun Belt

    Having issues with printing or your holster not staying upright against the body? Even the best holster can fall short of your concealment expectations- when paired with an incompetent belt.Some commo…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • 17th Jul 2018

    New USA made Inner / Outer Belts

    Introducing our new Inner/Outer belts, custom made for us by TacBeltz.This competition belt is the brain child of Dara Holsters' competitive shooting experience and TacBeltz skill, made right here in…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • 26th Apr 2018

    AIWB Holster and Gun Belt Combo Package

    So Many Options!Our Appendix Carry AIWB Holster and TacBelt Combo Package is the best combination for Concealed Carry! Custom build your AIWB Holster from the ground up and pair it with the dual layer…

    Published by Dara Holsters

  • OD Green Battle Belts

    8th Jan 2018

    OD Green Battle Belts

    We've got some great new products!Introducing the OD Green TacBelt: two stiff layers of 2" OD Green Nylon, built to last. Unlike other belts, the buckle is a slim no-nonsense design that adds zero bul…

    Published by Dana

  • Best Gunbelts for Carrying

    24th Mar 2017

    Best Gunbelts for Carrying

    Everybody mentions that drawer full of holsters, but what nobody talks about is the rack full of gunbelts. Choosing a proper gunbelt is important, and shouldn't be a last minute consideration…

    Published by Dana

  • Modular Appendix Holster Rig for Sig P938

    23rd Mar 2017

    Modular Appendix Holster Rig for Sig P938

    Here's the better half of our Modular Appendix Rig for the Sig P938. I detached the mag carrier as it was warmer out and I wasn't wearing a jacket that day. Women really do have less options…

    Published by Dana

  • Belt Drawing

    28th Jan 2016

    Belt Drawing

    All orders placed today will be automatically entered into a drawing for a new Bullhide Gun Belt made in Apex, NC by The Belt Man. These gun belts are 1.5" in width and made from Genuine Bullhide. Win…

    Published by Dana

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