Optics, Optics, Optics!

Published by Dara Holsters on 9th May 2019

In recent years mounting an optic on your carry gun has become so normalized that it's weird if you don't have one. 

Five years ago, you had to spend a ton of time finding a company to mill your slide to mount your new expensive RDS. But now, luckily, there's tons of choices in various price points and sizes, leaving you with endless options. Which optic is best? That depends on your needs, your gun, your price point and your training. But here's a list to get you started...

Trijicon RMR

This list wouldn't have any credibility without listing the most popular optic first: The Trijicon RMR.

If you're talking optics, the Trijicon RMR is pretty much the standard when it comes to quality, durability and function. With so many options, you're no doubt able to find something to perfectly suit your needs.

These optics come in at the high mid-range price point, usually between $400-600.

Vortex Optics Venom/Viper/Razor

The Vortex Venom comes in at #2 as far as popularity goes. Coming in at the mid range price point, you can usually find deals on Amazon (like the products below) for both the Venom and the Viper for under $200.

Leupold Delta Point Pro

Another popular Reflex Sight is the Delta Point Pro. MSRP for this bad boy starts at $519, but we found it on Amazon for a fraction of that cost. 100% waterproof and fog proof, this RDS has all the bells & whistles, with a price tag to match.

Holosun HS507C

Another optic creeping up on my Instagram feed lately is the Holosun HS507C. This one has up to a 10 year battery life, with a solar fail safe back up. If it doesn't detect any movement, it'll automatically shut off. 

Optic Ready Holsters

Now that optics are priced competitively and are more accessible to the masses, compatible holsters are also becoming easier to find. So how do you choose which optic cut holster to get? Easy, keep reading...

A good optic-ready holster won't just accommodate your optic, it'll protect it too.

Custom Optic cut IWB Holster

As you can see in the pictures above, the holster material wraps around the base of the optic, protecting it from debris, impact and moisture. The sweat shield is shaped around the base to keep the body away from the mouth of the holster so that there is no risk of pinching when going to re-holster.

Need a holster? Grab one now...

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